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Nawaz Pathan
   Looks great, but not exactly ideal for a size large elite nike football jersey. It's a very tight squeeze & I had to fold the bottom of the jersey to make it fit. The neck of the jersey is squeezed in as well.  If you can overlook that then it's a great buy. A medium would probably be a great fit.
Laura Léongue
   great product fits just fine
Mohamed Gobara
   Great jersey for a great price. It's obvious that it's not top quality (sizing runs small, plastic zipper, etc), but I obviously wan't willing to pay top dollar so why should I expect top quality.
Jennifer Landers
   I swear by these shoes! What a great shoe, Love, Love ,Love them!
Allyson Bunac
   Really does the trick of keeping the light out.
Paulina Badko
   This was for my 9 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Great quality, good fit!

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