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became that thing disappearance

The light hair beauty sighs a way:"You are indeed as expected the person of China captain, if isn't our person China the captain drag along at another place, he visits relatives tonight from start out!If is that he makes moves, we basically have no cure of success.Just we calculated him and had never thought his under charge to still have you person like this make us fail when success is within reach.Your science and technology is more and more severe, incredibly and really will our prey for food the unmanned machine imitated to build out, and return it refits so badly and lets us suffers a crushing defeat tonight and lose miserably heavy."
    The Yan flies heart in a surprised, he originally just wanted a set to take intelligence report and had never thought really to get a great deal of information from the of light hair beauty.The first information is a China captain, in the light hair beauty, this China captain fierce appearance, even if light hair beauty so the severe superior want and make moves and loot rusty wheel gear, also want to lead to open China captain first, there is otherwise no cure of success, be imaginable this China captain exactly have much severe.
    The second information is this rusty wheel gear very important appearance, wooden shutters blinds it not only the list Be just unmanned machine upgrade of have to product, should still have other secrets at in.And this secret not only light hair beauty and she after death of the influence know, is a China captain to also know here, otherwise they can't come to loot together.The Yan flies a first step estimate, this thing should contain a certain and unknown science and technology, and the inside may have high technology.Otherwise the light hair beauty can't say, either China science and technology more and more severe.
    Yan's flying is thought to is the person of China captain, affirmation because China the captain be led by the person of light hair beauty to open, so the light hair beauty thinks that oneself is the person who acts for a China captain activity.The light hair beauty since thinks China the person of the captain will appear, so they basically will appear.As for why they didn't on the spot appear, is greatly likely to be oneself and Sam very much to act in advance, they perhaps also arrived to museum now
    And the Yan flew to suddenly thought of an affair, that is locally that he before discovers concerning museum in Kenya opens the news of building is replaced of affair, he didn't know reason at that time, thought now come, since the enemy opponent of light hair beauty calls China captain.So this China captain affirmation relate to China, he starts out national strength to substitute unattractive news should easy to accomplish!
    May previous no one know the use that becomes rusty wheel gear, wholesale Plantation shutters so can be broadcast by this news, afterwards drive China captain discover, just substitute news, conceal this rights of the case.
    The Yan flies part the brain repair affairs true facts, simultaneously continue set to take intelligence report and say:"We have already had very big breakthrough to the research of this thing, you also see, we imitate to build your to prey for food unmanned machine, then carry on it evil to change, easy shot down your fighter jets.I just became that thing disappearance, also among them of a technique usage."
    Listen to if the Yan fly, the Yan suddenly peeps out a different facial expression on the light hair beauty face and say:"You aren't the person of China captain, you almost fool me."
    The Yan flies a surprised, this just discovers oneself comprehension mistake, the said words let the light hair beauty produce a vigilance and immediately have some penitence.
    Peep out sneer on the light hair beauty face, say:"You since aren't the person of China captain, so I receive to advise you to return the thing to me, I can be no postmortems and make you safe to leave.Otherwise of words, your end will very wretched.

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