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Fits my Graco Safari Pack n' Play perfectly!
   Chase Koch
A must have, for the price they are the best
   Pao Perez
There are great. High quality and perfect fit for 4 to 7 year olds
   Artur Silva
I am 5'-5" 140lb. I got small size and it fits very well
   Wagner Martinelli
These are very roomy shorts, but looking at the picture, I realize that they fit as depicted.  The inseam is as long as they claim, but I still wish they would make shorts longer (in general).  So far, these are the best pajama shorts that I have found.  I suppose they could be work out shorts, too.  The color is exactly as pictured.  The drawstring works as expected.  They look exactly the same after washing.  Overall, no complaints.
   Ritchy Rios

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